Saturday, 16 May 2009


For those of you who live/work in Flintshire, the details for the annual poetry competition tend to be announced around now - so keep an eye open (or both eyes now, perhaps?). Helen won it last year with her poem 'Only the Moon' and I was second a couple of years ago with 'Angels'. Here are both poems:

Only the moon….

There is always an end
even though it is glossed over,
lipsticked into a smile,
a painted face.

Like wearers of Chinese masks,
we make quick changes -
no-one can spot
the difference at first.

In this fall- out
no blood is spilt,
no heart rent
or stars crushed.

Only the moon knows
how we changed our faces,
viewed the world from separate angles,
turned with the tide.

Helen Hill


Sorrow settles like snow
until his corrugated iron heart
breaks beneath the weight
of each unique flake
and he is flat on his back
concussed by starlight
yet finds the strength
to shift his limbs
and make angels in the snow.

Liz Loxley


  1. Lovely poems Liz and Helen. It's a good idea this.

  2. Hi both,
    love the idea of the blog. will be following it closely.