Friday, 18 December 2009


Hello again. As promised last time, here is Helen's winning poem from this year's Flintshire poetry competition:


At Bempton Cliffs (For Kitty)

A ballet of gulls on our walk;
we watch their intricate movements
as they dance above the ocean,
wheel on waves of air,
miss each other by a wing tip
find footing on the cliff top,
shelter in grey-white chalk.

Here line of sea meets sky,
a sudden corner of infinity.

We point out the kittiwakes,
call them your namesakes
and scatter fast,
the wind blowing you back
in our faces, mixing ash
with tears, relief with unease.

You would have laughed;
awkward, alive to the last.

I am also pleased to say that she had the following poem commended:

Mining for Diamonds

Bombazine black,
not sure what it meant,
but she wore it
all weathers,
always in mourning,
my spinster aunt.

Other memories –
charred buildings open to the light,
like the shell of a doll’s house,
wallpaper still peeling,
the frayed edges of my nana’s ration book,
smog as thick as mustard,
blackout curtains blotting out the night.

Only you sparkled
in your black dress and diamonds,
when you kissed me goodnight,
left on the landing light
because I feared the dark.

We have some more news for you about poems of ours that are going to be used in a 'Women and Warfare' audio installation/exhibition in Sheffield in February 2010. More of that to follow!

Hope you all have a very happy Christmas

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  1. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Liz! Lovely to catch up with you again after so long - I've often wondered what happened to you after we lost touch. Glad you're happy and still writing poetry!