Saturday, 19 December 2009


I don't know, these posts are like buses (or men - Wendy Cope), you wait for ages etc. Just thought it might be interesting for you to look at the poem I wrote when Helen and I were present at the scattering of her aunt Kitty's ashes (we didn't confer - honest!):

i.m. Kitty Harris

Cacophony of kittiwakes,
ink- tipped wings,
grey lost in sea and sky,
yet white survives,
a flurry of snowflakes;
perched on chalk ledges,
kiittee-wa-aaake squawk
drowning the trill of lark.

We scatter you,
to grey sea, grey sky,
to kittiwake, puffin, razorbill,
a rockful of gannets;
to sea campion, gorse:
in memory
of memory you lost:
your love of cliff, bird,
sea, sky.

Wind throws you back
in our faces:
we wear your mask -
laugh. You always said
you were a stubborn old bugger
and here you are,
mugging us at the last;
still there, when I grit my teeth.

Liz Loxley

For those of you into critical analysis, feel free to compare and contrast..... xx

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